Monday, October 02, 2006

Montreal Mosaic

BioMom and I stole away this weekend for a bit of R&R. Here are a few pictures, followed by one of the boy with the present we brought home for him.

In addition to eating Poutine (image below), we slept A LOT.

I'd like to know if other primary caregivers (especially primary PM caregivers) experience what I do on any given evening. Even when Big DOESN'T wake, I find myself always listening for him. But that's not it. I will usually feel around the bed in sleep-walk-like mannerisms, looking for him. When I come across one of BioMom's limbs, I will sometimes panic thinking that the baby is in bed with us, under the covers.

Needless to say, I am not sleeping deeply.

In Montreal, I only woke up, verbally looking for "the baby" once! We howled at 3 a.m. in our hotel and went back to bed.

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