Sunday, October 22, 2006

These Are Your Parenting Skills On Drugs

Yesterday morning the four of us ventured out into the urban sprawl to forage for a few pancakes and eggs.

On the way into the restaurant we saw one of those public service signs depicting a woman who, by the looks of it, had spent the better part of her life in pursuit of meth. According to the dark rings under her eyes and the bruises on her body and face, WHATEVER it took. The photo was clearly meant to offend.

After reading Why Gender Matters, I thought to myself, 'well, according to Dr. Sax, such advertisements WORK with young girls! And it's never too early to start the discussion!'

BioMom walked away hurriedly hoping to avoid the difficult discussion, wishing that I would, also just drop it, and head into the cafe.

SYO: What is WRONG with her?

Me: Well, she got addicted to drugs.

SYO: What are drugs?

Me: Well, they are a little like cigarettes, but worse. And they can ruin your life! [Yeah, a little bit of my dad came out].

I pursued this line of discussion, warning her that some kids might approach her and offer her cigs and/or drugs, and that she should refuse them. That they aren't cool, etc. etc.

SYO: What is 'meth' anyway?

Me: Y'know? I have no clue, actually.

SYO: Maybe we should look it up on the Internet!

Later in the day, at a wedding reception, in front of Grandma:

SYO: We're going to check out what METH is on the Internet!!!

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Holly said...

LOL...I think my nephew was was 6 when he asked his grandmother what "a joint" was. Where he got that from, we still don't know!