Thursday, October 26, 2006

One Small Step For Man

One giant step away from baby-hood.

So today I phoned BioMom at work to tell her that --I think-- he took his first steps.

I hesitated to call them "steps" as he literally just let go of an ottoman and, essentially, stumbed into my arms.

Also, we have a small wager going, BioMom and I. If he walks during his 10th month, I win. If he walks in his 13th month, she wins.

This afternoon then, he was in a little hallway, poised outward while supporting himself on a doorframe. This was unusual. He regularly holds onto walls, doorframes, and doors for dear life while scooting around the room like a Doolie* at the Air Force Academy.*

Today, however, when I saw him facing outward, I absolutely felt like he was ready. With the SYO there as a witness, I kneeled a few feet away and gave him some ecouragement:

Me: C'mon! You can do it!!

He then took four (4!) Frankenstein steps into my arms!

We clapped and hugged him and wanted more as he BEAMED with pride!

I figured this would be an isolated event, taking weeks to perfect the skill. As the night wore on though, his confidence increased and I saw him on several occasions letting go of some support and three-stepping into some terrific face-first spill.

*A term derived from the Greek word δουλος ("doulos") meaning "slave" or "servant"; however, the term "doolie" was never particularly popular with the upper classes and fell into disuse. The term "smack" is now used more often.

**First-year students at USAFA are required, whenever outside of the confines of thier own private rooms, to walk on the outer-most side of the hallway, always close enough so that he/she can touch the wall with his/her right hand.

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