Monday, October 30, 2006

Unconsciously Socialized

So this morning Big had obviously not gotten the memo about the end of daylight savings time.

He could be heard up and babbling in his crib at no later than 5:30 am, a blow to the rest of us non-morning people. He is crashed out as I write this (beginning at 9:30 am), while BioMom, the SYO, and I persevere through the day.

Later in the morning (read, still, only 7:30 after TWO, count 'em TWO hours of being up), Big (walking more consecutive, non-supported steps each day) was out in the living room with the SYO. She got a new set of Polly's at a a birthday party yesterday where the ingenous parents combined the parties of several girls and had each kid bring a gift to essentially share with ALL the kids. Each kid walked away with a little something, the parents didn't have to make those crazy crap-infused gift bags, and the birthday girls didn't walk away with an embarrasingly large hoard of gifts.

From the kitchen this morning I heard that nauseatingly familiar sing-song: [Big] li-ikes Pol-lies! [Big] li-ikes Pol-lies!

BioMom and I looked at each other as though to say: What? What is this?

I responded from the kitchen: I think it's nice that [Big] has an interest in the same toys that you like, don't you?

Obviously, she doesn't intend or comprehend all of the implications of her teasing (nor does Big have a clue about the social categories into which their toys fall), but it is disturbing nonetheless.

That she is aware of "girls toys" and "boys toys" and that any transgression therein deserves teasing is natural, but kind of sad. Again, I don't think she meant it in any vicious sort of way, but still. And she also doesn't yet get the boys-who-play-with-girls-toys = prissy = gay, but I suspect that will come, as it does for all school kids.

It will be so interesting to see when and how this develops (for all of the kids in her cohort), but particularly for her and her immediate friends once they comprehend that the SYO's parents fall into that category. How will that alter their understanding and how will their seemingly natural teasing of each other filter through that lense?

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