Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Development and One's Sense of Humor

It has been amazing watching the FYO begin to develop a sense of humor. Once in a while I'll hear her laughing hysterically out loud while watching cartoons or something.

Last night before bed, instead of our usual two books, the FYO wanted to do these kindergarten flash cards that she's had for a few years.

Incidently, its not that she's so brilliant. The kindergarten cards, in my opinion, are way too easy for most kindergarten-aged kids. They consist of fairly easy pictures depicting actions such as a mouse covering her eyes with a rabbit covering her ears and the caption asking something like Who can't see? Or recognizing letters of the alphabet, etc.

My evidence for their level of difficulty is two-fold:

a) the FYO knew all of the answers at age 3.5 without even warming up and
b) the first-grade cards are much more difficult, providing questions that demonstrate a huge cognitive leap relative to the kindergarten cards.

Anyway, the FYO wanted to "do" the easy cards last night so we indulged her.

When we got to one card that had a huge letter "Y" on it, and the question read:

What letter is this?

The FYO barked out:


To which I responded,

Not "why?" I'm asking you what letter that is!

She howled. And it went on and on like an Abbot and Costello skit with her giggling and me insisting that she was asking "Why?"


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