Friday, February 25, 2005

While Eavesdropping at the Coffee Shop One Day Part Deux

Today's eavesdropping session was particularly fruitful.

I walked into the back room of a local Caribou with every intention to read my HUGE article on assessing affirmative action.

As I entered the back room, a group looked up at me like I was intruding on some sort of private ritual.

Is this a private meeting? Am I interrupting?

We're just having a meeting.

A spirited discussion!

So, I settled down in the corner to read my article.

Turns out they were having a meeting about a much heralded showing of an episode of the cartoon Buster called "Sugartime" which is, ostensibly about getting the sugar out of maple trees, but the background is that Buster is visiting an "old friend" of his mom's who is a. . . you guessed it. . . a lesbian! with a *gasp* partner and *gasp* kids!!!

Here's one description:
"Sugartime" is about Buster's visit to northern Vermont. The program explores the wonders of Vermont - from sugar houses to dairy farms to nighttime bonfires. As with many episodes, the real children Buster meets introduce us to their family. In this case the children have two mothers. The parents' lives are included as a backdrop to the kids' lives.

PBS decided not to distribute the Postcards from Buster "Sugartime" episode because some of the topics raised on the program were of the nature that parents may prefer to discuss with their children at a time and manner of their choosing. The producer of the program, WGBH - TV in Boston, has made the episode available to stations wishing to air it.

People FLIPPED about this showing on t.v. in our area.

Apparently, there's been a lot of flack about PBS spending any money on the production of such a show:

Spellings, the new education secretary, denounced PBS for spending public money on an episode of Postcards from Buster that features a lesbian couple. The episode does not focus on the couple but on their maple sugaring in Vermont.

The Caribou Group invited me to watch this preview of the show, which I'm doing RIGHT NOW... AS. I. BLOG.

A WORLD PREMIER of BUSTER. . . AND, I get to avoid work! Win Win for me!

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