Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Gay Hadj

So, to make up for forgetting our anniversary in December, I decided to get a head start in planning a surprise for Valentine's day.

Here was my plan: organize a sleepover for the FYO at HFRM#1's on Friday night and go out to eat at this restaurant that a quirky colleague of mine recomments, and then out for live music afterwards!

HFRM#1 and I made this whole plan where she would host FFFN at her house etc. etc. Our only concern was that BioMom would have an issue with not being able to control FFFN, and making sure that she actually comes home after work rather than her usual practice of having a few drinks with co-workers and showing up late for FFFN.

Oh, and included in my plan was this big buildup about how I don't have any plans for V-day. And that whatever we do must include the FYO.

This morning, however, BioMom foiled all of my plans.

Sweet woman that she is, after a fairly raucus evening at some friends house and two bottles of liquer later, she got up this morning, went out to get some coffee snack for me and the Sunday paper. Inside the paper she smuggled a Valentine's card for me which consisted of a flight itinerary for San Fransisco next weekend!!!

All of a sudden I'm all I'm Here I'm Queer Get Used to It!!!

We're heading to Gay Mecca!!!!

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Anonymous said...

spoiled little brat....I'm jealous.