Wednesday, February 16, 2005

More More More on Getting What You Get

Regarding the commenter's comment....
Okay, okay, maybe the FYO won't be any more or less unique. And, sure, my comments about genes and selection were probably a bit creepy. Also, I'll concede the ineptness of comparing to an interracial couple and the inability to pass.

I think I am reacting to at least two things that I have observed:

1. I absolutely know that some people with health problems consider not having kids because of the (even minute) possibility of passing on the problem and

2. I am observing the FYO struggle with the fact that she has two moms.

I am not the wallowing type (regarding sexuality). And I think that I've made that point clear. I am, however, the observing type. I have observed:

1. people of all sexual orientations judge glbt people for bringing kids into the world for the reasons I've described and
2. gay parents act really weird about being gay parents, such as only having gay friends and feeling a strong need to expose their kids to gay parents etc. (see the Rainbow Familis Conference post).

That's the whole point of this blog. For better or for worse, I am attempting to document some of the differences, actual or perceived, in this sort of family. See this for a description of the blog.

You're probably right, that ultimately there isn't any difference (I made that point as well). But the question is there, and like the question "why climb Everest?", that's why I ask it: because its there.

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