Monday, February 14, 2005

On Getting What We Get

In response to the comment on the Non PC Ponderings blog, of course this is true. If anyone knows me personally, they know that my life is a prime example of one getting what they get.

For the gay parents though, there is a bit of a twist to this: we are CHOOSING to give kids a certain hand, if you will, in life. For better or for worse.

Most parents don't choose to have kids and divorce two years later forever forcing their kids to balance two worlds etc. etc.

Some parents choose to have kids and pass on incredibly intelligent or athletic genes.

Some people with genetic dysfunctions choose to not have kids because they would rather not pass on the potential genetic problem.

In this social experiment, we are actively choosing to have a kid KNOWING that they will experience some social repurcussions of our sexual preference/orientation. This is fascinating and I have seen many people (gay and straight) judge this choice. I am not analogizing this to a genetic disease, but to a social one. It is akin to a mixed race couple having kids and then facing racism

Of course, I think the FYO will be fine. More interesting even for this experience. But that does not negate the fact that it is a particularly unique and interesting social experiment.


Anonymous said...

I argue.....No more interesting or unique than any other persons.

Parents "CHOOSE" to give their kids a certain "hand"?
...and then ponder how difficult their lives will be?

"Some parents choose to have kids and pass on incredibly intelligent or athletic genes"? Yeesh!

Interesting notions on motivations toward parenthood.

Don't think your FYO is really having any more of a unique/social experiment/life than anyone else. That was my point... we all have our "stuff" that makes us unique and gives us distinction and exception and exclusion etc. i.e. we get what we get.

What I find interesting is to define oneself by identifying with (so identified) persecution and then relishing/wallowing in it!

BTY.... to compare your FYO's experience to that of an interracial child seems to miss the point entirely. Your FYO does not walk around with her "differentness" covering her entire body!

PC Police Officer said...

What, is this the equal-opportunity-for-interesting-ness police? Is no one more interesting than another based on their experiences? Is everyone, by definition, equally interesting?