Wednesday, February 23, 2005

On Women Bloggers

You'll note that I've included a list of women bloggers for your perusal.
This is a response to Kevin Drum's comments via Bitch.Ph.D.

While I sort of like the whole "are differences between men and women intrinsic, socialized, or whatever", I have to admit that Drum's speculation about his observation that either

(a) there are fewer female political bloggers and thus fewer in the top 30, or (b) there are plenty of women who blog about politics but they don't get a lot of traffic or links from high-traffic male bloggers.

is ridiculous.

He explains his observation buy guessing that

it's a bit of both, and the proximate reason is that men are more comfortable with the food fight nature of opinion writing - both writing it and reading it. Since I don't wish to suffer the fate of Larry Summers I'll refrain from speculating on deep causes - it might be social, cultural, genetic, or Martian mind rays for all I know - but I imagine that the fundamental viciousness and self aggrandizement inherent in opinion writing turns off a lot of women.

What he never does is reconsider his observation itself, and whether or not either a) he is biased or b) his sources (actually, the thorough researcher that he is, I must de-pluralize that and say "source") are (is) biased.

I am actually not of the mind that we need to have separate spaces for women (or any possibly discriminated against group formed either by choice or by birth). But I thought I'd highlight a few women bloggers just for the sake of exposing more of us.

This whole thing reminds me of a trip to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in my "I'm Here I'm Queer, Get Used To It" Phase. On one trip there was a huge protest about the festival's policy on only admitting what they referred to as "Womyn Born Womyn." In other words, they did not want pre- or post-op transsexuals (boys were only allowed to accompany their mom's up to a certain age). Anyway, the protesters had a sign that said something to the effect of "Honk if you support Transsexuals!"


Its so ridic to respond to repression with more repression.


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