Friday, February 25, 2005

Inspired by The Trixie Update

Here's a great picture of the FYO.


Anonymous said...

when the FYO grows up, encounters the inevitable horrible day/week/month/year, feels downtrodden by life events, in deep despair ... she need only look at this photo to be reminded of the carefree days of her childhood, when she was fearless ... when she took the chance, took the leap, and had faith. may it also remind her of the arms that are always there to embrace her, and, most importantly, that she is deeply loved. if only we all had such a photo to remind us of the precious moments and people in our lives.

Anonymous said...

I mostly love that she's already got a huge gulp of air tucked in tight in preparation for water landing. Kids really do show us how people learn and then, by doing over time, things become automatic. I mean, think about experienced adult swimmers and how that gulp of air is taken in automatically at the very last minute prior to submersion.