Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Question We've Been Waiting For

Tonight at dinner with BioMom the FYO asked

Mom, does it take a man to raise me?

Biomom: Do you mean does it take a man to make you?

FYO: Yeah.

Biomom: Yeah. Where did you learn about that?

FYO: It was in a book that I read at school.

After that, the FYO abruptly changed the topic.

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Taggert said...

Actually thats no longer true. Cloning currently transplants genetic info into an unfertilized egg, which then divides and grows into a clone of the original. So if the FYO already existed it would no longer take a man to make another copy of her (excepting the fact that it would likely be a male scientist doing the cloning :)). So maybe you could argue it only takes sperm to create an original child...and us males have a monopoly on its production for the moment... But maybe this is a bit much for even the precocious FYO to digest? Naw...