Sunday, May 29, 2005

Camping with the Family of Four

The FYO and her female FYO Friend got along famously (she is the fourth of the four). They ran and played dolls and explored and ate s'mores and ran s'more. When it was time for bed it was like cutting off a limb, so we let them fall asleep in the same tent.

All was not good, however, when the FYO woke up at some ungodly hour. The same hour that the sun rises. All is silent in the whiskey-tango camping area in the middle of flatland with no natural wonders to speak of. This place exists just for those certain city-dwellers to get out of town. To lite a HUGE bonfire, roast marshmallows, drink beer, and be loud outside. Outside in a place where such behavior is expected. We, fitting right in, had a blast.

THEIR, FYO, more accustomed to the camping, was sleeping soundly in her own tent. As were the other five in the clan.

But ours? Nooooooooooo.

Where's [The other FYO]?

Sleeping. Like you should be.

Is she awake?

No. She's SLEEPING. Go back to sleep!

Can I wake her up?

NO!!!!!! When she wakes up, her mom will send her over here, to you.

A few blessed moments of silence. Then, concerned:

But. What if HER mom is saying that I am sleeping and for HER to wait until I go to get HER to play?

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