Friday, May 06, 2005

Kindergarten Round-Up

Today was Kindergarten Round-Up for the FYO.

It was just darling. You could tell she was apprehensive. Well, especially since one little girl was literally screaming and clinging on to her mother, begging her not to leave her in the room. The FYO's eyes got really big and I tried to reassure her that the girl was having an unusual reaction to the hour of story-telling they were about to experience while the parents were herded into the auditorium for some welcoming comments and coffee snacks.

Sidekick is also going to the same little school so afterwards I took some pictures of both of them in front of the building. While taking the pictures, Sidekick was a girl after my heart in her relentless poke-poke-poking at the FYO's buttons. They were posing on the school's sign and it was the FYO's plan to have each of them at one end, bookmarking the sign. But Sidekick would have nothing of it, preferring to stand NEXT to the FYO rather than OPPOSITE the FYO.

It turns out, the FYO was getting a little taste of her own medicine.

The other night they were playing CandyLand and the FYO was about to win but apparently rigged the deck so that Sidekick would draw the gumdrop guy and basically head back to GO, ensuring the FYO's victory.

Recognizing the problem Sidekick left in a huff and slammed the door of her room. When confronted, the FYO denied it all.

Her first lesson in tit-for-tat.

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