Friday, May 27, 2005

They're Just Dying to Get In!

When I was a little kid, I loved to tell that joke about cemetaries.

Of course, given my sad little history involving way too much death for a little kid, it probably wasn't all that funny to any adult within earshot. I'm sure, had they any extra time or cash, they would have checked into a child psychologist.

Anyway, given the holiday, BioMom's parents sent out an email inquiring about a family trip to the cemetary. When BioMom mentioned it to the FYO last night in their nightly "The Day" ritual, she said, unsolicited, Maybe we could see great grandma. Who died a few months ago.

BioMom responded: We could see where they are buried and say a prayer but that we wouldn't see them.

The FYO replied: If we sprinkle water on them, they will come back to life.

I'm imagining sprinkling a little water on my mom's grave and having her not only come back to life but come back 3 sizes bigger than real life like one of those monkeys that grows in water!

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