Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Neosporin and Hairspray

We've just recovered from another OH MY GOD, I KILLED THE FETUS! moment.

The other day I was cleaning the bathroom, and, annoyed by BioMom's oversized hairspray bottle, I asked her if she could use the product anyway. Note, my concern was less about the health of the fetus than my mental health in finding a place for all of her acoutrements.

BioMom thought nothing of it until she went to get a haircut and the guy said he didn't put hairspray on pregnant women.


Then, yesterday, BioMom got a bit of a sunburn sitting outside during lunch. She put on some Neosporin last night to sooth the sting.

She woke up this morning in a panic wondering if the drug killed the fetus. . .

That baby'll be fine, but I'll certainly come out with high blood pressure.

11.3 and counting.

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