Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Externalities of Pregnancy

Your nauseating hCG levels are at their peak this week. The good news is that starting next week, as your hormone levels stabilize, you'll start feeling a lot better. The bad news is that this week is probably going to be rough. If you're throwing up a lot, drink plenty of water to keep yourself from dehydrating. Your uterus has doubled in size and is now about the size of a tennis ball. The area under your navel is definitely firmer than usual. Most women report being uninterested in sex at this stage, though some women also report being more interested than usual.

You may begin to notice changes in your hair and skin. Your hair might feel thick and lustrous-or greasy, thin, and limp. Resist the urge to try to dye, perm, or highlight your hair-it may not take to the chemicals evenly. Do switch your shampoo and conditioner to suit your new hair texture.

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