Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Nun Gala

Last night BioMom and I attended a fundraiser organized by her brother-in-law for a group of nuns, one of which is her aunt.

It was altogether fine other than the fact that it was our first 75 degree day and it pained me to not be outside grilling or doing the Tour de Garfield with the FYO.

There were two highlights of the evening.

The first was running into BioMom's octogenarian aunt. We were talking about her recent birthday when I said Was it your fifty-fifth?

In response she cuddled up to me and said So. . . What are you looking for?

Biomom: She DOES like older women!

The second was at the start of the dinner when BioMom's Dad accidently spilled BioMom's champagne all over her lap. That wasn't the funny part. What was hilarious is his (loud) response DURING Arch-Bishop Flynn's before-meal prayer: JESUS CHRIST!!!

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