Thursday, May 19, 2005

Let's Hope I Didn't Start a Trend. . .

Last night I was home alone with the FYO as BioMom was off with the Mind-Body-Ites.

We had a great time. I fixed her favorite meat loaf (referred to as 'hyena loaf' after having seen The Lion King on Tuesday night thanks to tickets provided by grandma and grandpa. I should say that we partially saw the Lion King. The FYO fell asleep at the intermission.) and she actually ate some peas as well. She had a bath, and then watched a taped version of Tuesday night's Idol, while enjoying an ice cream sundae.

I'm still hungry!
[I love this version of manipulation. As if I am somehow STARVING her if I don't giver her more ice cream. Grandma pointed out to me a less sinister interpretation: who wouldn't be hungry for more sundae?]

O.k. have an apple!
Suddenly not so hungry anymore.

We read a book and then it was off to bed for five minutes of timed reading for her.

I was downstairs when I heard the beeper go off and curious to see how it would fall out as I had never actually experienced it alone. BioMom and I are usually off to our next post-FYO-bedtime in some other corner of the house, unawares (and naevely trusting of the post-beeper activity).

Suddenly I hear crying up there. Not I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP! crying. Not I'M ALL ALONE WITH NO MAMA crying. Not even THERE'S A BLOOD SUCKING MONSTER IN MY CLOSET crying.


I decided: What the hell? I'll be the pushover that I usually am not, tonight.

What's wrong, Sweetie?

That (sniffle) story (sniffle) I (sniffle) just (sniffle) read. . . It was (sniffle) SAD!

OKAY... Get down here!
(Meaning off of the top bunk which she only recently has been brave enough to explore).

You can't go to sleep with remnants of a SAD story!!!

So I grabbed another story. I recently found a section in the library devoted to fairy tales from around the world. This has been my saving grace. Now, instead of your horrible Cinderella, etc., I can read about the Cinderella of Egypt, or in last night's case, a little princess in China who, after having been overlooked by her seven brothers and sisters and her Emperor father, went on to save his life and become forever revered. It was lovely and very poetic.

But at the end of it, in a small, scratchy, over-dramatic voice, the FYO said:

But. . . That story was sad too. . . The little princess SHOULD not have been overlooked in the FIRST place.

Meaning: Please read another story!

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