Monday, May 16, 2005

PC Parents

I was grading over at Starbucks today when I saw a couple of the FYO's old pals and their parents.

In between papers we'd chat and catch up, etc.

On their way out, one mom said she didn't know that I was a teacher. . . What did I teach. . . Where did I teach. . . etc. etc.

When she learned where I taught she said she had just been to a B&B in the area:

Oh. Maybe you know the place. It is called Rainbow Ridge.

The classic heterosexual assumption: all lesbians know all other lesbians.

In this case, it is true. When I got the job, Cousin and I came out to find me a place to live, and we stayed at this particular B&B. Suffice it to say that that was the only time I have ever spent any time with this particular B&B-running couple.

Then, get this. The little girl says:

You look like the girl at the farm!

By this, she means: You look like that lesbian farmer-lady.

The mom, awkwardly:

Yes! She has glasses too!. . . And dark hair. . Yeah. . . Dark. Short. Hair!


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