Sunday, May 01, 2005

Eight Weeks, Zero Days

Another post I can't post.

This is how neurotic we've become. I have looked at literally every pregnancy website. What are the symptoms? What does the baby look like? What is developing? What should it feel like if something is wrong? Etc. Etc.

And the pregnancy calendar defies all sense of logic.

Firstly, it starts at the first day of the last period which, while defineable, seems completely illogical as one is not actually pregnant at that point. So, by that standard, we ALL are pregnant for two weeks EVERY MONTH! Even if we're not trying! By the time you find out, you are in your fourth week.

Secondly, if you are 8 weeks and 1 day pregant, are you in your 8th week, or your 9th week according to all of the websites?

Lastly, nothing. . . NOTHING reassures me completely.

I am not the type of person to wish time away but, I can't wait until the end of week 12. Or is it 11 weeks and 6 days?

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